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The System is a based upon Dr. Hall's training, studies and real world experience in operating in more than 15 counties in the last 11 years as an International Business Consultant/Contractor working in some of the most dangerous counties in the world. (Combat/Non-Combat).

The Dr. Nate Hall, hold a PhD. in Philosophy with a Major in Law who is a Gulf War Era Veteran, US Army, Paratrooper, graduate of US Army Special Forces Operations, Private Contractor, and holds a 7th Degree Black Belt in Nisei Goju Ryu under Grand Master Herbie Thompson, and Black Belts in Sun Bae, Soo Bahk Do, Tang Soo Do, and Tae Kwon Do from Grand Master Son Hwan Kwon who was one of Grand Master Hwang Kee's Original 43 Master Instructors in Seoul Korea.

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My Story


Dr. Hall began training in Martial Arts when he was 3 years old under former US Army Green Beret Master Don Paige at the American Academy of Self-Defense. In 1976 he was first featured in an article written about him with the title " Karate Chopping Cherub" in the Virginia Pilot by Lawrence Madry and has never stopped training since.


Dr. Hall also trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu under Sifu Duncan Leung (Leung Shiu Hung) who was a direct disciple of Grand Master Yip Man.

In 1993, Dr. Hall was awarded a teaching Certificate for Moo Duk Kwan/Tang Soo Do/Tae Kwon Do from Master Son Hwan Kwan and was included in the History and Philosophy of Korean Martial arts written by master Son Hwan Kwon.  


Dr. Hall is also a former Co-Captain of the US Army Tang Soo Do Team (1992-1993) Dr. Hall had to earn his way on the team by fighting every team member. After defeating every team member he walked on as Co-Captain of the closed team. He went on to be undefeated while fighting on the US Army Tang Soo Do in Seoul Korea (1992-1993).

Dr. Hall has had the privilege to have trained with World-Renowned Coaches,Fighters, Masters, and Sifus like 8-time Kickboxing World Champion Curtis Bush, Boxing Champions James Wearing, Alexis Arguello, 5th Sreet Gym Legendary Boxing Coach Bo Jack,  Famous Cuban Boxer Elvis Yero, Wing Chun Grand Master - Sifu Duncan Leung-Bruce Lees Classmate under Grand Master Yip Man, Tsunami Ten Kai Bujutsu Master Emanuel Perez, Kung Fu Master Marvin Waller, TKD Master Herb Davis, Former US Army Green Beret Don Page of American Academy of Self Defense, Master Mike Mizal of Chuck Norris Karate Systems, Master Style Allah- Combate Escrima Orginal, and Grand Master Son Hwan Kwan from Seoul, Korea, one of the only 43 Masters directly under Grand Master Hwang Kee.


Dr. Hall was a Hand to Hand Combat Instructor for the US Army at Fort Richie, MD and the former Top Secret location "Site R" known as the NMCC/AJCC National Military Command Center/Alternate Joint Communication Center aka the Underground Pentagon housing all Alphabet Federal Agencies.


Dr. Hall also developed Military, DOD Civilian and Women's Rape Prevention Programs  and has been a private contractor since he left active duty military, he was also the former Director of Security and private live in Body Guard for a Member of the Royal Family of Jordan -Bedowin Tribe and has worked in some of the most dangerous parts of the world on 5 continents in and out of war zones.

Dr. Hall now lives in Orlando, FL, with offices in Lima, Peru, and is perhaps one of the Most Experienced and Highest-Ranking International Martial Artists in the Country of Peru, South America.  

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